It’s my honor to serve the people of the 18th District. As your state representative, I’m always amazed by the amount of feedback I receive about the way state government operates. It’s certainly true that the best ideas come from those in our communities.

Rep. Vick with guests

“As a lifelong Clark County resident, I am very familiar with the issues our communities face daily and I’m here to be your advocate. Your feedback helps me focus my legislative priorities.”

— Rep. Brandon Vick

It’s important to me that the Legislature encourages job growth by giving employers certainty and stability through responsible state budgeting as well as providing workers with more opportunities for growth.

In addition, I believe the following items are our main issues:


Energy rates directly affect the bottom line for our families and the cost of doing business here in Clark County. Adopting an “all-of-the-above” energy policy, and categorizing hydro power as “renewable,” are just a few ways that we can work to keep energy costs low. We have an abundance of affordable energy here in the Northwest, and we should not artificially inflate the price of that energy to the consumer!


As a father, and a product of our local schools, there is nothing that I want to see more than for our children to be given the best opportunity to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. We must make sure that more of your money makes it into the classroom, and that less is spent on bureaucracy. We must ensure that education is “fully funded,” as education is the paramount duty of Washington State. Creative solutions are also necessary as all children learn differently. Charter schools, technical schools, and all other options must be explored in order to properly educate our future generations!

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a major impact on the ways that our kids learned in 2020. It is safe to say that a lot was left to be desired from both an educational and a preparedness standpoint. I am committed to making sure that students return to a robust and sufficient education system in September, ready to learn in an environment that is as normal as possible. While it may sound cliché, our future depends on our children, and another year of lost education cannot be tolerated.



I believe in responsible stewardship of our environment, and will support and promote common-sense policies that balance our communities needs with the need to conserve the habitats that make the Pacific Northwest and Washington State the most beautiful place in the world. As an Eagle Scout, camper, and outdoor enthusiast, I fully appreciate the environment that we have been blessed with. I believe that the citizens should be able to have full access to their land, and that accessing it should not be a crime or financial burden. We are all in this together. We know what makes Washington great (including the absence of an income tax). Let’s work together on solutions that benefit everyone.


Another duty of the State of Washington is to provide for adequate public safety in order to keep our citizens safe and free. We must make sure we are equipped with the tools needed to stay safe and keep violent offenders off the streets. I will work to ensure that our communities always have the resources they need to provide protection for our families.

Some have called for governments to “defund the police” in the recent past. And while that call has different meaning depending on who you listen to, the fact of the matter is that defunding the police would be a bad idea for all of us. We need an adequately funded police department in order to be able to respond to the real harms that you and I may face. In Clark County, most of our police departments are woefully underfunded based on our population. This is due in part to the amount of sales tax that we lost to out-of-state sales. If you or I are in need of assistance, we expect the person on the other end of the 911 call to be able to respond, and respond quickly.

What does make sense is that our officers are appropriately trained in de-escalation techniques, and other relevant issues. Thankfully, our state law already includes this training. We can and should always strive to be better, but “defunding the police” is a wrong-headed approach.


As a small business leader, job creation is close to my heart. We must do more to make sure that employers are given a friendly, stable, and predictable environment to operate in. Jobs can only be created if we make sure that regulations in our State are not overly burdensome, that permits are readily available and easily accessible, and tax rates are stable and not prohibitive. Most importantly, we must realize that Washington State is in competition with the rest of the world to attract and retain jobs. In an increasingly mobile economy, we must work even harder to ensure that businesses are attracted to Washington State. Let’s get Washington back to work!



Representative Brandon Vick 18LD Washington State wants to balance the power in state government.

Whether you agree with the recent actions of Governor Inslee or not in regards to the state shut down and various mandates, one thing has become very clear: we need to rebalance the powers of the three branches of government. The people of Washington State elect 147 members of the Legislature in order to represent their voices in the decisions of Government. Each of those districts are dramatically different.

COVID-19 is a real issue, and tough decisions will continue to be made, but your elected representatives need to be involved in the process. We will have other emergencies, and the Governor needs to be able to act quickly, but one single individual should not have complete and continuous power over the 7,600,000 of us. The solution is simple, and I will be a sponsor of a piece of legislation that will fix it. We simply need to restrict the Governor’s emergency powers to a single 30-day window. After that window, the Governor must work with the legislature to extend or alter those emergency orders, making sure that your voice is properly represented!


One of the most important social responsibilities we face is taking care of the most vulnerable of our citizens: the elderly, the young, the mentally-ill and the disabled. I am committed to finding ways for us to more effectively serve and protect those that need it the most.


Private Property

One of the most basic principles of a free society, is the ability to own property. I pledge to you that I will be a constant and forceful advocate for the rights of property owners while serving as your State Representative.

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